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Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning is owned and operated by Bruce Sullivan. Since opening the business in 2009, Bruce and Maria have become leaders in the cedar roof cleaning business. They understand the special care and consideration that cedar wood requires.

After years of research and hands on experience, Bruce developed the Sullivan Method for the proper cleaning and treatment of cedar shakes and shingles. This method does not make use of any pressure washers or any water pressure greater than that of an ordinary garden house. All cleaning is done from the safety of a ladder or the ground, so there is no unnecessary risk of slips, falls, or roof damage. The cleaning solution used in the Sullivan Method has been specially formulated to be safe for cedar wood while effectively removing organic build up. It is also biodegradable and will not harm people, pets, wildlife, or landscaping.

The goal of Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning is to prolong the life of your cedar roof. Prior to cleaning your roof, Bruce likes to make sure the is no major damage and repairs are not needed. A thorough cleaning will not help prolong the life of your roof if major repairs are needed. The cleaning process begins by applying the specially formulated cleaning solution to roof so that every shake and shingle is treated. Once the organic material dies, the cleaning solution and material is then thoroughly rinsed off your roof. This process should only take a few hours, depending on the size and condition of your roof. As the groundskeeper, Maria takes extra care to make sure your home and landscaping are protected during this process. She will rinse off your property and landscaping to make sure no cleaning residue remains, and will cover delicate plants with plastic if needed. As an added precaution, she hooks hoses to the downspouts to direct the flow of rinse water away from your foundation and landscaping.

Bruce and Maria are passionate about providing you with quality service. Their goal is to prolong the life of your cedar roof and leave your home in better condition than when they arrived. Bruce is a certified roof inspector with the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association, a member of the Professional Roof Cleaners Association, and is affiliated with the Exterior Cleaning Contractors Network. For more detailed information on the Sullivan Method and what is involved in cleaning your cedar roof, please visit our blog and YouTube channel.

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